Casa nel sole

The Residence

Elegance and rurality environmental integration: our bet is called Casa nel Sole, a complex of 5 villas located on a spur of rock in the natural protected area of the Maddalena Peninsula.
It was born from the love for a splendid place that offers a fantastic view that stretches out from the Etna volcano to the extreme point of the Maddalena Peninsula. A historical place protected by the recent institution to Reserve for its “deafening” silence and for the light that floods the landscape.
The villas are timidly inserted among the local vegetation and have been built with all the comforts necessary for our guests. The materials used create a welcoming atmosphere and the colours chosen take advantage the natural light of the area.
Inside, it is our concern to prepare sheets and towels for beds and bathrooms, fresh beverages to welcome our guests, soaps for the bathrooms and detergents for cleaning the house. Your only effort will be to relax.

casa nel sole siracusa

discover the villas of Casa nel Sole

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